2-Part Infection Preventionist Webinar Series [On-Demand Webinar]

2-Part Infection Preventionist Webinar Series [On-Demand Webinar]

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This webinar series is designed as a supplemental training for Infection Preventionists serving in rehabilitation and long-term care settings.

Our subject matter experts will discuss the roles and responsibilities of an Infection Preventionist, the policies and procedures that Infection Preventionists need to plan and enforce, as well as techniques that Infection Preventionists can use to enhance compliance. 

About the Series:

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Part 1: Getting Results and Making the Most of Your Infection Preventionist


Part 2: Roles and Responsibilities of the Infection Preventionists and IDT Team




  • Patty L Klinefelter, MBA, RN, BC, ICP, Certified Infection Preventionist, Home Health, Hospice, Clinical SNF Director
  • Emile LeDoux, Certified Infection Preventionist, Senior Consultant
  • Cathy R. Benfer MS, PHR, NHA, Certified Infection Preventionist, Manager of Recruitment Services

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