LWEnS Check

LWEnS Check

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Optional Fees:
Professional license search—an additional annual fee of $150.
Sources include 2 federal and all state sources.
Additional pricing available for records 10,001 and over.

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Satisfy your exclusion check requirement. Don't run the risk of being out of compliance.

Regular exclusion checks should be a component of any strong compliance program as monthly exclusion checks are becoming the norm in many states. In addition to the federal database, many State Medicaid Agencies also have their own exclusion databases. However, checking multiple databases can be time-consuming.

LW Consulting, Inc. offers a cost-effective way for you to comply. Subscribe to our software service to efficiently check exclusions. If you prefer us to handle your exclusion checks, rather than using our subscription-based software, you can easily outsource this function to us while gaining the same benefits.

  • GSA EPLS/SAM (General Service Administration Excluded Parties List System/System for Award Management)
  • OIG LEIE (Office of Inspector General's List of Excluded Individuals and Entities
  • State Exclusion Lists (See below for details.)

Benefits of the LWEnS Check Service:

  • Save and reallocate internal resources by using the LWEnS Check autonomously and independently.
  • Efficient and multiple sanction database checks in one simple step.
  • Cost-effective monthly pricing to conduct sanction checks independently.

Available Federal and State Exclusion Lists:

HHS OIG List of Excluded Individuals/Entities MS Board of Pharmacy License Verification
GSA Excluded Parties List MS Board of Physical Therapy License Verification
Treasury Specially Designated Nationals List MS Department Of Health License Verification
FDA Clinical Investigators - Disqualification Proceedings MS Medicaid Excluded Providers
CMS Precluded List MT Medicaid Excluded or Terminated Providers
HHS OIG Most Wanted Fugitives NC Medicaid Excluded Provider List
DEA Administrative Actions Against Doctors ND Medicaid Provider Exclusion List
FDA Debarment List NE Medicaid Sanctioned Providers List
TRICARE Sanctions List NH Medicaid Provider Exclusion and Sanction List
AK Medical Assistance Excluded Provider List NJ Board of Nursing Disciplinary and Licensure/Cert Actions
AL Medicaid Suspended Providers List NJ DEP Radiologic Technologist Licenses
AR Board of Chiropractic Examiners License Search NJ Department of Health and Senior Services Acute Care License Search
AR Board of Dental Examiners License Verification NJ Department of Health and Senior Services Long Term Care License Search
AR Board of Nursing License Verification NJ Division of Consumer Affairs License Search
AR Board of Pharmacy License Verification NJ Medicaid Fraud List
AR Board of Physical Therapy License Verification NJ Office of Emergency Medical Services
AR Dept of Human Services Excluded Provider List NJ Office of Insurance Fraud
AR EMS Personnel License Verification NJ State Board of Medical Examiners Public Disciplinary Notices
AR Medical Board License Verification NJ Treasury Consolidated Debarment Report
AR Social Work Licensing Board License Verification NV Medicaid Excluded Providers List
AZ OIG Excluded Providers List NY Office of Medicaid Inspector General Restricted/Terminated/Excluded List
CA Suspended and Ineligible Provider List NY Office of Professional Misconduct and Physician Discipline
CO Division of Occupations and Professions Licenses NY Office of the Professions Licensure
CO Terminated Provider List OH Medicaid Suspended Providers Log
CT Administrative Actions List OR Board of Imaging License Search
DC OCP Excluded Parties List OR Board of Licensed Social Workers Search
DE State License Verification OR Board of Optometry License Search
FL AHCA OIG Sanctioned Providers List OR Board of Optometry Sanctions
FL Department of Health License Search OR Board of Pharmacy License Search
FL DOH Final Order and Emergency Actions OR Dentists and Dental Hygienists License Search
GA OIG List of Excluded Individuals/Entities OR EMS License Search
HI State Excluded Providers List OR Licensed Dietician Search
ID Medicaid Provider Exclusion List OR Occupational Therapist License Search
IL Sanctioned Providers List OR Physical Therapist License search
KS Medicaid Terminated Provider List PA Dept of State Online License Verification
KY Medicaid Excluded and Terminated Providers PA Medicheck (Precluded Providers) List
LA State Exclusion List SC Medicaid Excluded Provider List
MA Board of Registration In Medicine Physician License Search TN Dept of Health License Search
MA DPH Health Professional Board Licenses TN TennCare Terminated Provider List
MA HHS Nursing Disciplinary Actions TX Board of Nursing Licensure-APRN
MA HHS Physician Disciplinary Actions TX Board of Nursing Licensure-Graduate Nurse
MA Suspended or Excluded MassHealth Providers TX Board of Nursing Licensure-Registered Nurse
MD Sanctioned Providers and Entities TX Board of Nursing Licensure-Temporary License
ME Medicaid Excluded Providers List TX Board of Nursing Licensure-Vocational Nurse
MI Sanctioned Providers List TX Dept of Aging Misconduct List
MN Excluded Provider List TX Dept of Health Services Licensure
MO Medicaid Termination List TX HHSC OIG Exclusion List
MS Board of Dental Examiners License Verification TX Nurse Aide Registry Licensure
MS Board of Examiners For SW and MFT WA Provider Termination and Exclusion List
MS Board of Massage Therapy License Verification WV Medicaid Excluded Provider List
MS Board of Nursing License Verification WY Medicaid Provider Exclusion List

Pricing Options:

    # of Records Annual Fee Monthly Fee
    1-250 $255.00 $21.25
    251-500 $510.00 $42.50
    501-2,500 $885.00 $73.75
    2,501-5,000 $1,350.00 $112.50
    5,001-7,500 $1,650.00 $137.50
    7,501-10,000 $1,890.00 $157.50

    Additional pricing available for records 10,001 and over.