HIPAA Security Policies & Procedures Package

HIPAA Security Policies & Procedures Package

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The HIPAA Security Policies & Procedures Package (SP3)™ is a comprehensive set of policies and procedures covering computer usage, computer administration, computer security, facility security and workforce security. This electronic documentation is fully functional, customizable, and complies with the HIPAA Security Regulations, the Breach Notification Rule of the HITECH Act, and the requirements of the HIPAA Omnibus Rule, and includes an ISO-27001-based Information Security Policy.

Included with your purchase is a 30-minute consultation with a Binary Decisions security expert, where you can discuss security in general and get answers to any questions you have about the HIPAA SP3.

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Facility Type Physician Practice, Dentist, Standalone Clinic Hospital, Nursing Home, Academic Medical Center
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What is the HIPAA SP3™ comprised of?                             

The HIPAA SP3™ consists of 50 computer and security-related policies and procedures. Each policy is contained in an individual file and is presented in Rich Text Format (RTF), which can easily be edited using Microsoft Word or any other word processor capable of reading RTF files.

Extensive instructions are included, which will guide you through customizing the policies and procedures, one document at a time, for your particular business. Every policy and procedure required by the HIPAA Security Regulations is included, as well as many additional computer-related policies and procedures, which every business that utilizes computer technology will find invaluable. Please note: These are complete policies and procedures and not templates!

Why should I purchase the HIPAA SP3™ ?

The HIPAA SP3™ will save countless hours of writing your own business specific policies and procedures which, by law, you must have in place. You only have to customize the individual documents to become fully compliant with the requirements of the HIPAA Security Regulations. Some documents may only have to be reviewed to ensure they are relative to your business environment.

Will the HIPAA SP3™ be right for me?

The HIPAA SP3™ is available in two editions, based on the size and structure of your organization and its technical infrastructure. One has been specially created for small health care practices and one has been designed for large health care practices, which also includes 13 Visio diagrams, describing a typical technical infrastructure used by large practices. Visio is required to customize the large practice network diagrams.

Is after sales support provided?

Yes! While we have taken every possible step to make all the documents in the package easy to use, understand and customize, we will still give you unlimited support, by email, for up to 2 years from the date of your purchase. A dedicated customer support web site has been set up specially to help you with any questions you may have. Plus, any updates made to the documents contained in the HIPAA SP3™, will be provided to you free of charge during your two-year support term.

*Product sold in partnership with Binary Decisions.